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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Quick Debunk: Manny's Magic 12,000 mile Solstice Image

Our spammy twitter friend Manny (now Brian because we assume he got banned for spamming?) loves to make bizarre claims about this image:

Here is the image:

Image Credit: Danilo Pivato © Copyright: - Images 2006

This was also APOD 2007 December 22, where we learn some details about the image:

  • This series is from the 2005 Solstice
  • It is looking down the Tyrrhenian Sea coast from Santa Severa toward Fiumicino, Italy
  • The view covers about 115 degrees in 43 exposures

The sunrise & sunset times for Santa Severa in Dec 2005 were:

Sunrise: 7:37 am (121°)
Sunset: 4:44 pm (239°)

Which are 118° apart so the estimate from APOD is likely slightly too small.

And this is only 9 hours 06 minutes 47 seconds.

So this is NOT 12 timezones as Manny claims, it's only 9.

So it seems that Manny cannot actually look at photographs and magically tell ANYTHING from them as he claims.  He is almost always wrong about details.

This is, in fact, EXACTLY what we would expect to see on 22 Dec 2005 from this location on Earth if the Earth is a Globe and NOTHING like what any Flat Earth model would predict.

He THINKS this shows the sun going in a big circle but he's just Flat Out Wrong.

For safekeeping:

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